What is a Guillotine?

What Is a Guillotine?

There is a wide variety of guillotines or paper cutters to choose from in the current market. These range from manual, inexpensive, small cutters for personal, office or classroom use to large, electrical, commercial grade guillotine machines for print finishing and large news or magazine production environments.

Electric Fully Automatic Guillotines

Extremely fast becoming the best preferred for large commercial production companies, these guillotines provide all of the benefits of fully automatic machine with the added production speed and accuracy provided by a digital CPU interface that allows operators to quickly and precisely define the cut position. The position of the paper is controlled by an exact measurement in-put by the operator.

A Few Benefits of a Guillotine

Purchasing a good quality electrical or manual guillotine can deliver loads of benefits to your company. Whether you have a small business who produces a limited number of professional documents or a massive printing company finishing operation cutting millions of items a day, there is definitely a guillotine cutter out there to best suit your business.

Accuracy and Consistency

A guillotine cutter lets you cut a large number of paper work in the same time and this may be repeated time again. This is particularly crucial when dealing with color prints that include bleeds.

Quality of The Cut

You wouldn't be able to get the same type of perfect, clean and consistent cut with a top of the range scissors. A good guillotine allows you to put a nice clean edge on your beautiful paper work.

Cutting Time

A quality guillotine will assist you in cutting large quantities of paper very quickly, safely and yet you will still get the perfect cut.



The improved efficiency of production that a guillotine cutter will bring has a positive effect on costs. With the reduced man hours needed to manually cut your paper, you will have recovered your cashed back in no time.

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