What are the uses of a pedestal drill

What are the uses of a pedestal drill

The pedestal drill gives a number of benefits over a hand held drill, Controlled amount of pressure using a rotary feed handle, ability to hold the project at hand in place, and precise angle drilling a perfect 90° perpendicular holes in thicker material or precise angles by tilting the table. Generally, these drills have a way more powerful motor than traditional hand held drills.

Use of a fence attached to the table top and stops or place holders allows fast repeated drilling of holes in a perfect line. Pedestal drill press stop features, allow drilling repeat holes of precisely repeatable depth. They can mount a variety of sizes and types of drills and drill bits or other rotating equipment. They normally have a great number of rotary speeds, anywhere from 2 to 14 speeds from about 140 RPM to 3000 RPM or even more, that can be used, which is crucial for creating clean holes in all kinds of materials.

So a pedestal drill press is mostly used where accurate and repeatable production drilling is required. And the ability to drill in difficult materials when needed.

Safety Measures When Using Equipment

  1. continuously use the guard – the guard is there for a reason and that is for the operator’s safety from being harmed by the drill bit.

  2. Wear safety glasses – the glasses protect your eyes from any bits of materials that may shoot off the drill bit and at the speed the bit is going at, it could permanently damage your eyes.

  3. Clamp the materials down or use a machine vice – The clamps help with keeping any material in place so the machine doesn’t throw your material around and if no clamps are used, there is a high possibility that your measurements will be wrong.

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