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Powering on When the Power is Out

With Stage 2 load shedding scheduled for the next year (and probably the rest of our lives), businesses are taking a hard knock when it comes to productivity and subsequently, profitability. Whether a small business or a large corporate, South African’s are investing in generators to keep their businesses headed towards the light.

What are the Implications?

Missed deadlines, security vulnerabilities, the loss of inventory (particularly if stock is perishable), a halt in productivity, damage to machinery and the loss of important information are all potential risks for businesses suffering the effects of power cuts. In a report done by fin24, entrepreneurs in South Africa described occasions where their businesses had suffered losses of over half of their profits during load shedding.

What Do Generators Do?

Generators have the ability to provide electricity independently of other power sources. They consist of an engine, generator head and fuel source which all work together to produce a power source which can be tapped into through power outlets. This means that whilst Eskom may be having problems, your business operations don’t have to be left in the dark if you have a back-up generator.

Which Generator Do I Choose?

There are automatic generators which can be set to kick in at the onset of a power failure or generators which will require manual start-up. Portable generators offer more versatility and usage options than permanent generators. Remember to investigate the types of fuel different generators need (petrol generators, diesel generators etc.). The size and nature of your business would be the best indicator for which option is more suitable.

Taking Back Your Power

A generator is one way to literally take power back into your hands and ensure sufficient preparation for minimum impact to your business the next time Eskom decides to ‘flip the switch’ on us. For more on petrol and portable generators as solutions for your business, contact Harp Machine Tools or visit their website.

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