Light duty lathe machines

Small lathe machines are used to perform various operations such as drilling, cutting, shaping, and grooving on a workpiece.

Light duty lathe machines require less space than other lathe machines. Their maximum swing over bed is limited to 50 cm or less. Light duty lathe machines are used in wood industries for woodturning and other uses include slotting, turning, tapering, metal spinning, and other light applications on smaller workpiece.

The light duty lathe machines from Harp Machine Tools are of then used in the automobile, electronic, and electrical industries, and are manufactured from quality materials.

A light duty lathe machine for metalwork can be used for drilling operations with a drilling tool held in its tail stock. The bed is the bottom of the light duty lathe machine and acts as a base support for the machine on which all the other parts are mounted.

Threading, grooving, and chamfering are some the other operations that can easily be done with a light duty lathe machine at a workshop.

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