I Saw the Light

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In today’s times, we keep on having power outages, caused by Eskom. Generators are very important and is very difficult to function without power. You can have generators in your home, workplace and the most important place; hospitals.

You get different types of generators like; petrol generators, diesel or portable generators. Generators come in different sizes, depending how big your home or workplace is.

Importance of generators

If you are at work and there is a power outage, you need a generator in order for your business to carry on. If you don’t have generators, you will lose out on business and therefore money will be lost.

Generators are also important for security systems, and electrical appliances. These day’s people rely highly on digital and computer systems. Generators can help prevent your business from losing money. Portable generators would be ideal for small businesses.

Generators in hospitals

Hospitals are required to have generators in their buildings. People who are on life-support, drips and ventilators cannot go without these for 1 minute.  If you are in the middle of a surgery, it would not be ideal if you cannot finish that certain procedure. The theatre need to have lights and oxygen at all times, including all the tools to perform the surgery has to be working to sustain people’s life’s.

Hospitals are supposed to be the place that can sustain power. Generators in hospitals are large in size and must be able to last long periods of time. Power outages happen often and unexpectedly, if they do not have back up plans, they run a risk of losing people’s life’s.

Generators in homes 

Having power outages in your home is very inconvenient. You won’t be able to cook for you and your family, therefore you will have to spend money on take outs. If you own any heaters, air cons or televisions, you won’t be able to make use of them.

Portable generators are key for households, so you can have light.

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