SMTCL Horizontal Boring Mills

Harp Machine Tools specialises in supplying a range of horizontal boring mills that provide the performance and reliability expected by our clients.

SMTCL Horizontal Boring Mills

A horizontal boring mill holds the workpiece steady in place on a vertical table. This table’s position can be adjusted. Typically, a horizontal boring mill has three linear axes in which the tool head and part can move. The main axis that drives the part towards the work spindle is the Z-axis, with a cross-traversing X-axis and a vertically traversing Y-axis. The work spindle is referred to as the C-axis. If a rotary table is incorporated, its centre line is the B-axis.

The classic TPX series horizontal boring mill machines from SMTCL are particularly suitable for the rough and finishing boring. It is also ideal for large and medium sized and box type components milling. These boring mills excel at inner hole boring, cylindrical turning, and grooving by radial feed of facing plate slide rest. Worktable rotations use a 4x90 optical positioning device that is suitable for the large piece turnover machining accuracy needs. The precision DRO measurement system meets the requirements of work-piece coordinates and lineation.

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