Bandsaws & Different Types of Saws

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A Bandsaw is a toothed metal saw stretched between multiple wheels used to cut through a variety of different materials. Because of the bandsaws versatility they are amongst the most essential saws to have in your collection. From its invention in 1809 bandsaws have evolved with the times to solve most of your sawing needs.


A typical bandsaw consists of many different parts, the most obvious being the blade, giving it its purpose. The continues loop and the toothed edges is what makes it a bandsaw. Some users prefer to use their own tables to mount the bandsaw on, but it usually comes equipped with a table.  For the users safety the blade is covered, the cover is only removed to make changes to the blade.


Certain models come with dust collectors, handy for keeping a tidy workshop and lungs free from dust. It is important to choose the right bandsaw or circular saw for your needs.


Fully Automatic Double Column Horizontal Bandsaws

If you require a machine that can cut metal into specific shapes the fully automatic double column horizontal bandsaw is just what you need. Once serviced the bandsaw can run for quite a while before its next service. The double column band saw keeps the blade nice and steady making it perfect for cutting large objects.


Horizontal Band Saws

The horizontal bandsaw has a horizontal blade cutting objects from top to bottom cutting through pipes or metal objects.


Circular Saws

A circular saw is toothed along the edges, spinning speedily cutting through wood, plastic or even metal. Circular saws blades need to routinely be cleaned depending on the type of materials cut, blades can also be sharpened as needed.


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